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Trauma Healing Training for Children in Jordan

James is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He provides counseling services to workers and their families and leads a team providing staff care services for the Eurasia Region. He specializes in counseling; trauma, anxiety, depression, burnout and working with children and adolescents. He also offers workshops for organizations on topics relevant to living and working cross-culturally. He is active in writing, facilitating and teaching Healing the Wounds of Trauma with the Trauma Healing Institute. james_covey@wycliffe.org. You can find his podcast Shop Talk with Brandi and James; on iTunes, spotify or google play.

Language Learning!

Ellie is the orientation coordinator for the MENA region helping new workers be successful in transitioning to a new place. She also works with Sentwell.org in Malaga, Spain to provide holistic care to those living in high risk areas with low access to resources. She is currently in training to become a spiritual director. ellie.covey@novo.org