Season 2 Episode 7: Navigating the Risk in Returning with Anna Hampton

Join Brandi and James as they interview Anna Hampton, Author of Facing Danger, to talk about navigating theology of risk and the risk of returning to locations after a crisis. In the Fall of 2022 we are still navigating challenges of Russia’s war against Ukraine and other evacuations from around the globe. We strongly encourage your organization to attend their Risk Assessment and Management Training. We are excited to announce her Fear and Courage Webinar on November 16th. Sign up by emailing her at

Anna Hampton,

Anna grew up as a farm girl in the Midwest and felt called to work overseas as a young teen. By her mid-twenties, she was in full-time work leading teenagers all over the world. In 1996, she began a long-distance courtship with Neal across three continents, and after marrying in 1999, sthey began raising their family in Afghanistan. She and her husband serve with Barnabas International in pastoral care and risk consulting. They have three adult children and one daughter-in-law. 

Anna shares God’s Word interwoven with personal experiences from living and working for a decade in war-torn Afghanistan and from over twenty-seven years of ministry experiences traveling in almost seventy countries. She writes with a realism and depth from her own trials of facing overwhelming obstacles with faith and joy while also living in extremist environments for almost two decades while raising three young children. She is the author of Facing Danger: A Guide Through Risk, Facing Fear: The Journey to Mature Courage in Risk and Persecution (est 2023), and contributed to the Risk Assessment and Management (RAM) Training that Neal wrote based on her book. 

Anna holds a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Bethel University and a Doctor of Religious Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary. She is a Bible teacher and conference speaker at international women’s events in Central Asia, the Middle East, and in the US. She writes at and at Behind the Veil: A Public Journal of a Hidden Life. (


Purchase her first book Facing Danger: A Guide Through Risk. Her new book Facing Fear: The Journey to Mature Courage in Risk and Persecution Hopefully will be available late Spring 2023 or Summer 2023.

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