If you follow us on Instagram, @eleanor.rice and @jcovey84, you’ve seen our Epic Road Trip, #thecoveyway, unfold. As part of our new assignment with Wycliffe, we were allowed time to road trip! We connected with people we care about, shared our story, and developed partners for Wycliffe’s ministry. What an incredible journey it was!



The Journey:

4 Weeks on the road*excluding Orlando

7,000 Miles

16 States

20 Locations for Over-Night stays

2 Nights camping




The People We Saw:

22 Family Members

45 Friends

9 Dogs

2 Babies!


The Things We Did, with our people:


10 Walks

8 Bike Rides

5 Work Meetings

2/3 Beach Trips

2 Farm Tours

2 Museums

1 Midnight showing of “Infinity War”

1 Concerts

1 Strawberry Festival

1 Bible Reading Marathon

We would love to connect with you, too:

james_covey@wycliffe.org, ellie_covey@wycliffe.org

 Partner with our work through Wycliffe


Stephen’s Farm Breakfast!


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