BEST part of my week


Cinnamon Roll Delivery Day!

I (ellie) have been working at Hurley House since we settled in Fort Worth. The bakery gives me sooooo many good things:

  • Purpose
  • Hilarious coworkers and friends
  • Nurturing work environment
  • New skills

In addition to ^ALL THAT^, I get to make the cinnamon rolls….

Yes, I love the process of making those buns. It feels especially therapeutic. It reminds me of making cinnamon rolls in a Kenyan village over a charcoal fire. It is James’s favorite sweet thing.

After forming and cutting the rolls, there are always little end pieces that don’t fit into the pans to be sold at Hurley House.

I get to shape them.

I get to take them.

AND I get to deliver them to friends and family all over DFW!!


This is the BEST part…cinnamon roll delivery day!

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