Season 2 Episode 8: Trauma with Dr. Phil Monroe

Join Brandi and James as they interview Dr. Phil Monroe with Langberg, Monroe and Associates about trauma. Dr. Philip Monroe leads Langberg, Monroe & Associates and is a psychologist with three decades of clinical experience. His personal, professional, and spiritual musings may be found at

Trauma is a wound of the heart that affects every part of our being; our bodies, minds and hearts. It takes a long time to heal. Trauma is not an event so much as it is an experience. Trauma is the experience people have when they are overwhelmed and cannot cope. The effect someone has from that experience best defines long term trauma.”

“When we talk about trauma we are talking about an ongoing, long lasting effect. It may be soon after an event or experience or it maybe a years and decades later that it starts to show up.


Dr. Diane Langberg

  • Diane Langberg’s Youtube Channel
  • Suffering and the Heart of God (Book)
  • In our Lives First (Devotional)

Jenena Fisher

Trauma Healing Institute

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