Its Happening



She Said YES!

(James’ Story) I was in the USA for a few weeks returning to Kenya on May 16. During my visit to Texas I was able to meet with Ellie’s parents and Skype with her siblings. They were very supportive of us and of me asking Ellie to be my wife! So I planned that on the 19th for her birthday I would gather some of her colleagues in Nairobi and surprise her. I told everyone that we would meet in Karura forrest in town and surprise Ellie for her birthday. I had her convinced that I didn’t have any kind of ring the night before (even though I had my great grandmothers ring in my pocket during the conversation). ¬†They were well hidden when we reached the waterfall. Waterfalls in Kenya have played a fun part of our story together as we have had such great adventures at many of them. I told Ellie that I wanted to take a couple photo and put my camera on the bench. When she turned around I had the ring hidden in a compass, representing our future adventures together, and got down on one knee. She was surprised and after I couldn’t wait any longer for a response after popping the question I suggested she say ‘yes’. Which she quickly did. Then her friends jumped out of the forrest to join in the celebration. We are looking forward to getting married in November in Texas and starting our lives together living in Nairobi and continuing our ministries.

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