We are coming home! We have yet to experience is furlough, intentional time living back at home, which is a normal season for most cross-cultural workers. This allows us to get some time away from the challenges of life overseas and to reconnect with our families, friends and supporters. After 5 years of living in Kenya it will be needed. In our case, we will come back around the beginning of March and stay for the rest of 2018. Through this time Ellie will look at joining Wycliffe and we will be planning for what life serving together will look like. We will continue to depend on financial support and be working from the states in roles yet to be determined by Wycliffe.

We hope to be based around the Fort Worth area and are looking for a place to live for 9 months. If you or anyone in your circle knows of a place we could stay, that would be incredible. We have very little to our name in the USA which is freeing in many ways but will present a challenge when trying to set up a home for a short time. We will need to figure out transportation and hope to purchase one car, however life would be easier if someone had one we could use for a time.

How you can help

We are both living off of a fully supported budget, based on individual need, since we work for two different organizations. Ellie currently is well below her financial need and can be supported with monetary gifts through BlueSky by clicking here. James can be supported through Wycliffe by clicking here. One of the goals of furlough is for both of us to raise support together through Wycliffe, but we need to make it until that happens! We also would greatly appreciate anyone who can help us with our practical furlough needs too. Email james_covey@wycliffe.org or ellie.covey@blueskykenya.org if you have any questions.

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