Home is….

From February 28 up to our arrival in Orlando, April 7, we did not spend more than 4 consecutive nights in the same bed. In that time, we actually slept in 12 different locations….not counting repeats! James recognized, ” our car is our home”.

Since arriving at Wycliffe Headquarters in Orlando, we have had the luxury of spending 3 whole weeks in the same apartment, the same BED! We took advantage of the momentary settlement and MOVED IN, found a place for everything, bought groceries.

Now, nearing the end of our stay, I’m reflecting on the little joys that make this apartment home:

Pour over coffee

A windowsill to brew pour-over coffee

A place to pop popcorn!


An address to mail: prescription contacts, the chords we forgot, and surprises

A living room to host movie nights with new friends

bike ride

A starting and ending for a bike ride


A “rack” to air out our sleeping bag


James and I are redefining home.

We are soon to leave Orlando and make home with many dear, generous friends and family as we drive north! We are thrilled to add you into our home and be a part of yours! Road Tripping relaunches April 28…


Partner with our work through Wycliffe!

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