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We are an a road trip across the USA and currently in new member orientation at Wycliffe Bible Translators. Now that both of us are Wycliffe members, Ellie is no longer working for BlueSky, we need new people to partner with us through prayer and finances. Currently, we are living off of the partnership that James had as a single, which has us a bit short. One of our main purposes of being back in the USA is so that we can connect with people who have been caring for each of us as individuals and to invite new people to partner with us as a couple. Before we can return overseas to continue our ministry, we need 100% of the monthly financial budget that Wycliffe has set for us. Please pray for us while on this trip to connect with friends and family. We are excited to meet each others family and friends since all of our dating, engaged and married life has been in Kenya!

April 5; Austin, TX

April 6; Somewhere in east Texas

April 7; Mobile, Alabama

April 7-April 27; Orlando, FL- New Member Orientation as Ellie becomes apart of Wycliffe too!

April 28; Jacksonville; FL

April 29-31; Georgia

May 1; South Carolina

May 2-8; North Carolina and Virginia

May 8-?; Virginia, DC, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee

Mid May back to Texas


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