Season 3 Episode 1: Conflict Resolution with Dr. Janeen Davis

Join Brandi and James as they interview Dr. Janeen Davis to figure out why we can’t all just get along! Janeen shares about her experience as a cross cultural worker and care provider and how she found the Peace Pursuit Quickstart Guide and shifted from being a conflict avoider to a peace pursuer.

Janeen Davis, PsyD, MFT, has served overseas in a large global ministry since 2007, where she led a Member  Care team in providing care and support for personnel throughout Asia whenever they experienced personal struggles, difficult team dynamics, and family needs.

In 2020, Covid forced her to evacuate her Asian home and transition back to the States, where she now  partners with Peace Pursuit International as a Master Practitioner and Trainer and serves as the Director of Counseling for a church in TN. She founded Purpose & Peace Solutions to be a center point for specialized  ministry services, through which she provides executive consulting, conference presentations, group trainings, creative development of media and marketing resources, and also offers virtual care for missionaries and Christ followers around the world. She can be reached at for member care, training and retreats, conflict resolution, ministry consultations and counseling.

Find out more about the Peace Pursuits Model.

It all begins with the Quickstart Guide and the question… Do you want to resolve a relational problem?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. People from many cultures and age groups have used our QUICK START GUIDE to help resolve their interpersonal conflicts.

Experience shows that if both parties in a conflict prayerfully, thoughtfully, and sincerely complete the QUICK START GUIDE, they will reach appropriate confession and forgiveness in the vast majority of situations.

Even if only one party completes the QUICK START GUIDE, the probability of reaching peace is greatly increased.

Remember: proceed prayerfully, thoughtfully, and sincerely.

Visit the Pursuit‘s website to find out more

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