Season 3 Episode 2: Women in Cross-Cultural Ministry with Amy Galloway

Join Brandi and James as they welcome Amy Galloway to talk about the roles of women in cross-cultural ministry. The topics range from how to create organizational change towards a minority (30% must be represented for change to happen) to the development traits women experience at different points in their journeys.

Amy Galloway has an undergraduate degree in International Studies and a masters in Communication, both from the University of Denver. She has spent the the last decade helping Novo walk through a cultural transition to increase gender diversity among their leaders. Now her primary focus is writing, leading retreats, and visioneering an activation/development branch from Malaga Spain with Amy contributions to the team includes through her communication gifting and heart for prayer. She coaches and trains in the discovery of calling and navigating major transitions in vocation, parenting, transitions, and women in leadership.

Amy writes a blog on life transitions called Beautiful Upheaval, where this reflection was originally posted.

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